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Integradevs has been in business since 2002 under the name Integra Software Solutions and Integradevs since 2012. We have been providing software development services to companies mainly in the United States. We work with companies for extended periods of time helping them with a diverse range of software projects.

Amin Mansuri

Amin MansuriCo-Founder/CEO

As Co-Founder of Integradevs SA, Amin has assisted our clients with several decades of software industry experience. Having worked in companies such as IBM, WRQ, and Express Systems he moved to Paraguay in 2000 where he started consulting and teaching for companies such as Citibank, Itaipú Binancional, Bancard, Financiera Itacua, Itacom, among others. Amin was the principal architect of one of the most successful Computer Science University programs in Paraguay known for its depth and strong preparation for jobs in the industry. He taught there as a Professor for 15 years. Amin is known as one of the foremost experts of Java in the country. He earned his B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Washington, and his M.S. in Machine Learning at Georgia Tech.

Mirta Arambulo

Mirta ArambuloDevelopment Manager

Mirta is an experienced lead developer good at getting new projects up and running off the ground. She has great attention to detail and very effectively gets the most out of her development teams. She has been a key player in several of our successful development projects. She has an Engineering degree in Computer Science from the National University of Itapua. When not working at Integradevs, Mirta teaches Computer Science courses at her alma mater.

Maritza Prieto

Maritza PrietoDevelopment Manager

As one of our outstanding senior developers Maritza has ensured the success of various projects both as a developer and a manager. She tackles problems head on and routinely ensures good and fluid communication with our clients. Maritza has an Engineering degree in Computer Science from the National University of Itapua where she did research in Software Design Patterns. Her Master's degree is in Artificial Intelligence from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Spain.

Fernando Fukuchi

Fernando "Andi" FukuchiDevelopment Manager

Andi uses his spare time to build remote controlled quad-copters (drones) from scratch. He has great problem solving skills. Andi is responsible today for our team that has been serving one of our oldest clients since 2004. He helps coordinate work as well as make key architectural decisions. He also writes code at a regular basis. Andi earned his Engineering degree in Computer Science at the Universidad Nacional de Itapua. He teaches subjects such as Algorithms and Data Structures and Introduction to Compiler Design.

Arnaldo Ocampo

Arnaldo OcampoDevelopment Manager / DevOps Expert

Arnaldo is known for his wide breadth of experience in software architecture and development and his deep knowledge of Azure and .Net. He's known for his strong mentorship skills and his team routinely tackles large and complex projects. Arnaldo has an Engineering degree in Computer Science from the National University of Itapua where he teaches subjects such as Computer Graphics, Emergent Technologies, and Introduction to Programming. He has also served on the Engineering Department's board of directors.

Verónica Solano

Verónica SolanoCo-Founder/Profesional Development Director

A key aspect of growing and maintaining a strong and happy talent pool is to have a vibrant professional development program. As a Co-Founder, Verónica is in charge of our “secret sauce” which are our programs aimed at recruitment, onboarding, and on-going skills development in the company. Verónica is a top-notch educator who basically can teach anything. She’s also in charge of Integradevs’ very successful community service projects such as the Tesape’a Project (presented in ISTE 2019, Philadelphia PA) and scholarship programs. She has a B.S. in Biology from the Univesity of Washington and a M.S. in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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Case Study: A mutually beneficial relationship - Part II

Case Study: A mutually beneficial relationship - Part II

A successful business relationship is based on both parts putting in the time and resources needed to get the project off the ground. They weren’t sure on how to start because they hadn’t worked with a company like ours before. We advised them that they should decide what they want in their new system and present it to us; based on that, we would be able to help them with a design and estimate.

July 13, 2015