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A mutually beneficial relationship - Part II

(This is Part II of a two-part series. You can read Part I here)

A successful business relationship is based on both parties putting in the time and resources needed to get the project off the ground. In outsourcing it's no different. In Part I we told the story of how a good set of conversations led to a simple project that was able to buy some time while a new system was developed. In this article we’ll tell you about how this successful partnership went on to produce an award winning product that was developed meeting all objectives on time and within the allocated budget.

Our client needed a new system: one that could provide several features that were lacking in the original, and that would better enable them to serve a rapidly growing number of customers. On our side we had a group of capable Ruby on Rails engineers and UI designers. Our client had an excellent software development manager and a team that worked with him to effectively determine the business need.

The team maintained a fluid conversation on how to best design the pages to meet the end user’s needs most effectively, and we soon began to look at the initial drafts while sharing input. We later helped design the look and feel so that it would be modern, clean and practical. With a clear set of tasks in well defined sprints and communication by daily scrums via Skype, the project was able to meet an ambitious four month schedule without major difficulties.

At times we needed certain different skill sets that other members of our company had, so we added them to the project as needed. An effective use of Rails gems sped up the project and gave us a great set of facilities on the site. We also ran Static Analyzers that would check for common coding errors, and we would run live monitoring software to find performance bottlenecks and get notifications of any runtime errors.

The end result was an application that won the 2013 MITX What’s Next Award in the “Most Innovative e-Commerce Product” category, but also enabled, more importantly, a continued rapid growth of our customer’s business. Today we continue to enhance this successful application and have a great relationship with our customer.

What makes this project special is the great results in a short time frame, this is possible because the excellent communication we are able to maintain with a great counterpart on our client's side (as it is with all our clients). In over a decade of experience as a company we have found that this is a key characteristic of successful projects. When problems are worked out together, when communication is fluid and responsive, when problems that occur are addressed head-on and quickly, and when the requirements are well aligned with a solid business plan, then the project has little choice but to succeed.

If you're looking for a partner to help you develop or enhance an application in your company we hope you’ll consider us to work with you on your project. You can find out more about Integradevs at or feel free to send us a message on our Contact page.

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Case Study: A mutually beneficial relationship - Part I

Case Study: A mutually beneficial relationship - Part I

A few years back we were contacted by a company that was selling their product online but were having trouble with the third party service they were using to get their orders.

June 15, 2015